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Hayden Bay Marina HOA is located on Hayden Island.  Hayden Island is an island in the Columbia river between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.  It is bordered on the north side by the main channel of the Columbia River and on the south side by a smaller channel of the Columbia, which is also known as North Portland Harbor.  Even though it is separated from the rest of the city by this smaller river channel, Hayden Island is part of Portland.  It is connected by Interstate 5 to North Portland and the city of Vancouver Washington.  The connection between Hayden Island and Vancouver is made by the Interstate Bridge.  The east end of the island, often called Jantzen Beach, is highly developed as it is serviced by the first exit on Interstate 5 in Oregon.

The island is of historic importance as ferry services provided service between Portland and Vancouver from landings on its north shore.  After the opening of the Interstate Bridge, streetcar service opened Hayden Island to amusement park developments due to its beaches and strategic location.  Jantzen Beach, the last operating amusement park, closed down in the 1970's.

The Jantzen Beach Shopping Center and many hotels populate this part of the island.  A narrow neck of land connects Hayden Island to Tomahawk Island (not an actual island), which has numerous marinas and yacht clubs.  The west side of the island is as yet undeveloped, though it was added to the urban growth boundary by voters in 1982.  The Port of Portland purchased the land in 1993 with the intention of building a large cargo facility.  Environmental activists have successfully blocked this development for the time being, and the Port of Portland is currently looking for alternative sites.

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